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The Elbe Cycle Path 2014

With its source in the heart of the Czech Republic and its estuary on the German North Sea coast, the river Elbe and the Elbe cycle path connect countries and cultures. Unique experiences in nature are at its forefront: distinctive hilltops and former glacial valleys in the Krkonoše Mountains (Giant Mountains), dreamy landscapes in northern Bohemia, the dramatic river fording in Saxon Switzerland, quiet meadows and forests near the former inner German border or the lower Elbe in the Kehdinger Land, that opens itself from Hamburg to the mudflats of the North Sea.


Prague, the Golden City, with the Charles Bridge and the castle town of Hradschin

Historical centre, Prague

Throughout the course of the centuries, Prague has lost none of its sparkle and cultural riches. Charles Bridge spans the width of the river Moldova and connects the historic centre with Prague’s Lesser Side, where Hradschin castle towers over everything. After 50 kilometres of following the Moldova, you will reach the Elbe cycle path that follows the river along its adventurous path.


Dresden´s historical centre is the most beautiful in the whole of Germany

Church Of Our Lady, DresdenHistoric centre, Dresden

The Elbe leads to Dresden and Meissen, along with some of Germany´s most important cultural assets. Since the Church Of Our Lady has been rebuilt, the once so famous panoramic view of the Elbe, to which the Residency, the Semper Opera House and the Zwinger Palace contribute their part has also been restored to new glory.


The metropolis of Hamburg is always worth a visit

Container port, Hamburg

Throughout the middle reaches of the river, the Elbe cycle path presents itself in a fashion that is surprisingly close to nature; conservation areas and biosphere reserves make sure that the river’s meadowy surroundings survive. Slowly, the proximity of the metropolis Hamburg becomes apparent – the largest German seaport and a gate to the world. Michel and Jungfernstieg, the jetties and the Reeperbahn are waiting to be explored – by you! But so far the Elbe cycle path has not yet reached its destination - the Old Land, with its countless fruit trees and old Hanse towns are situated around the Lower Elbe, which reaches its final destination in Cuxhaven, a place with beautiful sandy beaches.

There is so much to discover along the Elbe Cycle Path. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Simon Mink - Elbe Cycle Path

Simon Mink

Managing Director
Radweg-Reisen GmbH